2022 HEART Roundup image

2022 HEART Roundup

We're rounding up friends and funds to benefit HEART

$122,775 raised

$139,000 goal


Choose your roundup and wear your best western duds!

HEART has grown exponentially in Kenya made possible by donors like yourself!

Through our signature program, Women Equality Empowerment Project (WEEP), we have served 695 HIV positive mothers and over 2,400 children/dependents since our inception 22 years ago. WEEP is an Orphan Prevention program that provides health care, nutrition, shelter, education, protection, psychosocial support, income generation and coordination of care. This year, we have enrolled 84 new mothers/households into WEEP and began supporting 54 new students entering into boarding high school. We are also increasing our focus on health prevention measures, such as breast and cervical cancer screenings/treatment, as well as providing specific business building training.

What differentiates HEART from other humanitarian organizations is our focus is on depth. We continue to support ALL our mothers and their households even after they’ve graduated from the WEEP program. We are committed to ensuring they are healthy, safe, protected, and thriving in their communities!

HEART’s success is critically linked to your gifts … whether it be time, talent or treasure! Your participation in the 2022 HEART Roundup Fundraisers would be most appreciated. Come hear what has been done in 2022 and what is yet to come. Bring your friends to share the good news of what HEART is doing to change the lives of the mothers and children we serve!

Asante sana (Thank you very much)!!!